New in 2017 – the second Beetle location

Last year we had to close the registration already in June because there were too many cars for our ’Beetle meadow’ location. We had lots of mails where people asked us if they could still register – but no chance...


Having reached this point we had long and heated discussions in our team whether we need another location or not. We decided to open another, a second ’Beetle meadow’

Why that?
The last years we tried to put as many cars as possible into Brüggmanngarten (that’s our so-called ’Beetle meadow’) and we needed professional help to brief all drivers how to park their cars close to each other. That was not always easy and there were many drivers who were afraid of being hit or scratched by other Beetle drivers...

But what do we want?
We are a big ’Beetle family’ and we want everybody to have the chance to join us in August. We really don’t want anybody to stay at home because there is not enough space for his/her car. That’s why we had to find a second location for all the cars.

The second location will be very close, it’s only a 5-minute walk from our ’Beetle meadow’. It’s located at the promenade directly at the river Trave next to the marina. There will also be some special Beetle edtions from VW and of course other highlights. You won’t feel alone – we promise

So don’t hesitate to register. And if you have to move to the second location with your car, we – the Beetle family – will be very glad to have you here in Travemünde and to see you at the Brüggmanngarten.

We are so happy to get to know you and to share a passion with you; the passion for OUR Beetle !!!