New in 2017 - The Registration

The Beetle Sunshinetour is a great Beetle-fan-meeting and it’s getting bigger and bigger. In 2016 it was already a huge challenge to organize everything and we reached  our limits – so to say. Therefore there are some changes this year: one will be the registration.

The old registration had to be done manually by me. That was possible the last years, even though it was sometimes nerve-wracking.
But now, with far more than 500 registrations, we are going to install a new program which can be used soon – probably in the middle of April.

What’s new ?

You have to register at and then you get your personal account. There you can enter and change your data and can also sign off if you can’t come to Travemünde in August.

Unfortunately there are no number-reservations possible this year.
I know, that some of you will be sad about it, but we didn’t find a proper solution for that problem.

 Even though you get a new registration number you can of course meet other Beetle-fans, talk to them, laugh, have fun, share memories, give and exchange insiders’ tips and tell all tourists and guests that there is only one car that arouses all these emotions:

our BEETLE !!!