Even though Bettlemünde is taken over by Bettle drivers, we are still guests in Travemünde and should accept some rules because we want to come back.

Driving onto the Beetle meadow / Brügmanngarten:
On Wednedsay we start building up the setting for our big festival. You can come and have a look, but the Bettles are not allowed to park on the Brüggmanngarten. Near the lawn is a big car park called ‘Leuchtenfeld’ where you can easily park nearby.

From Friday at 2 p.m. (14:00) on you are allowed to drive onto the Beetle meadow. But at night (from Friday to Saturday) all cars must leave the place, from Saturday to Sunday you can leave the cars over night where they are.

Important: Beyond this festival it is not allowed to drive on the Brüggmanngarten.

Driving on the promenade is strictly forbidden.
For Saturday night I asked for a permission for 11 Beetles to drive on the promenade. It’s an exception and I’m still expecting the permission from the Travemünde management and the police.

Exit for special trips:
Driving in lines behind each other is not allowed, you drive on your own responsibility. You have to watch the traffic and have to accept the road traffic regulations. Don’t stop the traffic by letting other Beetles onto the road, this is not allowed.

In places at the Baltic Sea you have to reduce the noise from 10 p.m. (22:00) on. Our live-band plays until 10 p.m., after that our DJ plays music in reduced volume until 11 p.m. (23:00).  But still loud enough to dance and have fun. There have never been any loud fights or excesses so I really don’t have to point that out. 🙂

Let the games begin – we really look forward to 3 days of summer, sun, beach and many many Beetles.

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  1. Brian Mentley

    Kommentar *We are hoping to attend your show this year–coming from Canada.
    We can make this part of our itinerary if our Rod Iron 1968 Beetle is accepted at your show?
    Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Gabriele Kraft

      Hi, of course. We are very pleased to see you. 🤩


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