For our English Attendees

So that everything runs smoothly

For Wednesday 8th May or Thursday 9th May we plan to start the online registration for the Beetle Sunshinetour 2019. But first you get some more details about this (and next) year’s tour.

On Wednesday May 8th
start with an ‘early bird’ registration, that means that it’s only open for a short time.
Why? We want to test if our new registration system works. If not, we can still make some corrections and improvements.
On Thursday May 9th in the afternoon we officially open our registration system for the Sunshinetour 2019.

What do you need for registration
You must type in your name, address and email. After the Sunshinetour all your data will be deleted.

Meadow or Ralley
With your registration you can decide, what you would like to do on Saturday.

If you want to take part in a kind of ralley where you meet at special places and drive back together to Travemünde, there are three possibilities:

  1. Colouful and crazy within the Christopher Street Day Parade (3 cars)
  2. Driving along the countryside with ocean view and a stop at Hermannshöhe (40 cars)
  3. Showing off and driving through the biggest Shopping Mall (Citti Park) in Lübeck (60 cars)

or you drive directly to Travemünde and wait for all the others at the Beetle-meadow (Brügmannsgarten)

At some registrations (maybe at the ralleys) you have to pay directly when you do the registration. You can pay with Paypal.
Why? This year we want to test the possibility of advance payment.

All the others pay as last year, in Travemünde – when you pick up your tour material. Next year you can only pay online.

After having registered you get an email with a confirmation. With this confirmation you get all the material when you arrive in Travemünde on Friday or Saturday (August 16th/17th).

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