Hundreds of Beetle shine at night, what a great picture – let’s do it!

Bring all your chains of lights in different shapes and colours… It should be really bright when we turn our cars into a shiny ‘sea of lights’ at the same time on Saturday evening.
After the performance of the live band we all press the buttons at the same time – that will be a great view. The exact time you will get at the tour schedule.

Attention – there is another attraction:
With 10 Beetles we form and arrange the world’s longest and nicest „Beetle chain of lights“. And when we want to be unique, we have to present it in a special way: on the promenade in Travemünde of course.

You read correctly: 10 Beetle (owners) are allowed to present their decorated and illuminated cars on the promenade on August 17th at about 10:15 p.m. Therefore we are searching for the prettiest and most colourful cars.

To have a first impression please send us a photo of your Beetle in full gloss. Do we get more than 10 applications we will choose the 10 prettiest Beetle…

Deadline:        30th June
Information:   your name and number plate (necessary for permission)

Have fun planning everything, we look forward to having a spectacular „Beetle-Sea of Lights“ event within our Sunshinetour.

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