To remind you – the beach-Beetle 2019 is a very special exemplar and is chosen by a jury, presented by Jörk, Gerrit and Melli. That’s not an easy job to do…
But this year it was a bit easier because one Beetle caught everybody’s eyes – also the sympathetic owner of this vehicle.

Already some days before the Sunshinetour, Catherine and her husband Steve started from England to take part in this tour. They took the ferry, went camping for 3 nights and finally Beetlemünde was in sight.


Often Beetle drivers from the UK read about our Sunshinetour. They take it upon themselves to come to Travemünde to celebrate, talk, meet and find new friends. And we always get in contact with really adorable people from the island…

Catherine and Steve were here for the first time, the sympathetic and always smiling Catherine with her orange-coloured Beetle, which has an outstanding design that gets everyone’s attention. It is such a special designed car that the jury couldn’t walk past it.

There was no discussion this year – that had to be the Beach-Beetle 2019.
Congratulation Catherine and have always lots of fun with your outstanding Beetle  ❤️



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  1. Robert

    Fantastic, what a win and they are both such really nice people and massive VW fans. Thank you to all the judges, Robert, UK


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